Our meetings are centered around Roundtables and are usually limited to a max of 10-15 attendees. This smaller group size allows attendees to have a real opportunity to talk, connect, and share ideas to help each other. Members love it.

Once we are at the roundtable we “go around the table” and everyone has an opportunity to have the Spotlight. If it’s not your turn, then you are listening and learning from other attendees and discovering areas of commonality. Here’s how it goes if you have the Spotlight:

    1. Introduce yourself
    2. Describe something interesting that you are working on
    3. Share any recent lessons learned, vendor recommendations, tips and tricks
    4. Ask others for help on something – can you recommend a technology vendor? how can I increase my online subscription sales?

Presentations @ Meetings

As a senior leader, you wear many hats, have many decisions to make and many problems to solve. That’s why we always want members to leave the meeting with something practical that they can immediately use back at the office. You’ll get this through the Roundtable and also from the practical presentations that we have at some meetings.

Here are some presentations that we have had in the past.

  • An Insider’s View on Launching a Live Sports Streaming Service in 35 Days
  • Behind the Scenes of a Fan-Driven Global Social Media Campaign to Save a TV Show
  • Mobile Strategies and Case Studies: Marketing and User Engagement on the New Frontier
  • Let’s Talk About Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Vendors – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • What are the Best Ways to Monetize Online Videos
  • What’s it Like to Live and Work in a Virtual World
  • Facebook: Friend or Foe to Publishers?

Past Events

We have also had large, sold-out in-person events.

  • Making the Right Moves for Digital Growth in Turbulent Times – Photos from event
    (Speakers: NBC Universal, Victoria’s Secret, eMusic, Hearst)
  • Who Should Call the Shots Online? Bridging the Gap between Business & Tech Leaders
    (Speakers: Barnes&Noble, Hearst, Razorfish, The Ladders)
  • I Hate my CMS! The Perils and Promise of Modern Content Management Systems
    (Speakers: New York Magazine, HSBC, Thomas Publishing, Forrester, Leading Hotels of the World)