By | February 4, 2016

We had a packed conference room with eighteen Internet Stategists from a diverse group of leading organizations (see below for list). There was a great energy in the room as we discussed all the latest hot topics including:

  • Social networks, user generated content, coopetition with Google, SEM/SEO, blog monitoring, online videos/advertising, behavioral targeting, Second Life, and Ajax.


The conversations during our Interactive Roundtable session were terrific and everyone received advice and recommendations that they could immediately act upon. The conversations are continuing both online and offline since everyone got to meet each other and find areas of common interest.

We also heard some interesting anecdotes … 1 client at a financial services firm had an account balance that was so large that the number didn’t fit in the display field and thus the web app had to be updated (something to aspire to) as well as a CEO of a major corporation who got a black eye due to some unexpected blogging issues (something to avoid).

Steve Gehlen, the Founder of the Internet Strategy Forum gave an overview of the association’s goals and our accomplishments. Lee Huang gave an update on the NY Chapter.

Participants from left to right (going around the table):
Ken/Businessweek, Tim/Wyndham Hotel Groups, Karen/Siemens, Nic/Reuters, Jochen/Siemens, Chantal/Standard&Poors, Kate/Pfizer, Ilana/Lion Brand Yarn, Dan/HSBC, Rajiv/, Harun/AOL, Paul/Scripps Network, Beth/Dow Jones.

Could not fit in the picture:
Robert/Rodale, Lee/VNU, Thomas/Source Media, Gary/Timex, Steve/OHSU.

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