By | February 11, 2016

We had a full house for our panel discussion on Content Management Systems ! It was a no-holds barred session where we discussed the good, the bad and the ugly about CMS. Our great group of panelists (see below) covered the best practices for successfully planning and deploying a content management system, minefields to avoid, real life case studies, industry trends, and the vendor landscape.

Event Description: No matter what type of website your company publishes, it’s likely that a content management system (CMS) is at the core of your operations. But while CMSes are among the most vital systems in digital businesses, they are also among the most cursed due to their limitations and idiosyncrasies.

In the early days of the web, many companies built their own systems, only later to standardize on one of the emerging commercial offerings. But now, with the popularity of open source, as well as the growing complexity of content operations, there is no clear path to CMS success. Some companies continue with the major vendors, while others take the custom development route. And there are a large number of viable open source platforms, particularly for smaller operations.

This panel attacks the CMS issue from all of those viewpoints, plus provides a perspective of a leading technology analyst. We explore both the technology and business issues surrounding CMS selection and operation, as well as inviting audience members to share their own “tales from the trenches.”


  • Stephen Powers, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Tim Peters, Managing Director, Leading Hotels of the World/LHW.com
  • Albert Lee, Director of Technology, New York Magazine
  • Tristan Louis, Former Technology Executive, HSBC

Moderated by Joe Galarneau, CTO of Thomas Publishing

Hosted by Lee Huang and Joe Galarneau.

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